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Latest Dell EMC E20-562 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers:

Version: 8.0
Question: 21

What is a feature of GeoSynchrony 6.0 with respect to service account login to the VPlexcli?

A. Service account requires authentication to the Linux shellVPlexcli requires an RSA token
B. Service account requires no authentication to the Linux shellVPlexcli requires certificate authority
C. Service account requires no authentication to the Linux shellVPlexcli requires authentication through LDAP
D. Service account requires authentication only to the Linux shellVPlexcli does not require an extra authentication step

Answer: B

Question: 22

What determines which cluster will service I/O in the event of a WAN COM failure for a distributed device that is not a member of a consistency group?

A. Rule set of the distributed device
B. VPLEX Witness
C. Detach rule of the consistency group
D. Detach rule of the storage view

Answer: B

Question: 23

A storage administrator wants to view additional performance metrics for their VPLEX cluster. The administrator runs the report create-monitors command to help with this task.

A. Disks, ports, and volumes
B. Disks, volumes, and hosts
C. Disks, storage views, and ports
D. Disks, initiators, and storage volumes

Answer: A

Question: 24

What is required before a host can detect the virtual volumes presented by the VPLEX?

A. Virtual volumes can only be detected after a reboot
B. RAID configuration must be enabled for Virtual volumes
C. EZ Provisioning wizard must be run on the host
D. Host must initiate a bus-scan of the HBAs

Answer: D

Question: 25

What is a consideration for using a VPLEX logging volume?

A. Must be created on each VPLEX cluster before creating a distributed device
B. Automatically provisioned at each VPLEX cluster when the distributed device is created
C. A distributed device must be created before a logging volume can be created
D. VIAS can be used to create a logging volume at each cluster

Answer: A

Question: 26

Using the Storage Volume expansion method for virtual volumes built on RAID-1 or distributed RAID-1 devices, what is the maximum number of initialization processes that can run concurrently, per cluster?

A. 100
B. 250
C. 500
D. 1000

Answer: D

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